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A Liberal Is A Conservative who hasn't.....

July 27,’14:  You’ve all heard that old line:  “A Liberal is just ‘a Conservative who hasn’t been mugged YET’.” ...... If that is true then North Carolina’s most notorious liberal stronghold – picturesque, idyllic and extreme left-leaning Chapel Hill – is about to go “Tea Party”.

In the wake of last week’s tragic, in-broad-daylight, mugging/murder of a UNC professor, Chapelboro’s oh-so-compassionate, tree-huggin’, frackin’-hatin, Obama-lovin’, faux-intellectual nimrods, nabobs and pointyheads are in Official Knee-Jerking Tizzy mode. .....

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Posted: July 27, 2014 | with 11 comments

(Another) Black Mayor Takes "Perp Walk"

July 9,’14:  The headline Black Mayor Does “Perp Walk” has become a familiar one in recent years.  One sees that headline and the immediate Pavlovian response IS – “Which one this time?”

If the answer is “a Democrat Hero”. 
And that follow-up question IS – “Which one this time?”

This time the “which one” is .........

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Posted: July 09, 2014 | with 1 comments | Tagged as: Democs, Liberals

CostCo Throws AMERICA in da briar patch...

July 7;'14:  As soon as I saw this story I yelled THANK YOU CostCo.

If you recall Uncle Remus (before he got PCed out-of-existence) you remember B'rer Rabbit & The Briar Patch.   Wily ol' B'rer Rabbit cajoled B'rer Bear & B'rer Fox to throw him in da briar patch by pleading to 'dem "Please don't throw me in dat briar patch" which, in reality, is exactly what he wanted them to do.....

CostCo Surrenders - Reinstates AMERICA ..... blames earlier decision on "some woman in our book buying dept".  Yeah, right!

So be it with the Obama-lovin' owners at COSTCO who have banned D'Souza's book AMERICA from their stores.  What better recommendation to buy it than Obama's buddies are afraid for you to read it.

There are plenty of places you can get the book.   There are also several other buying club stores you can shop at other than CostCo.


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Posted: July 07, 2014 | with 5 comments

D'Souza's Movie: AMERICA..... Oh Boy !!!!

July 4,’14:  I have seen the new Dinesh D’Souza Movie – America, Imagine The World Without Her.   I saw it on the 4th of July.   It was an early showing.  I scanned the ¾ filled theater.  I did NOT see Jim & Barbara Goodmon, Bully Barber, Rob RielleWho, Gene Nichol, Chris Fitzsimons or any of the other local beady-eyed left-wing weasels.  I’m not holding my breath that “they” will see it. ......

One of many reasons I recommend YOU should.

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Posted: July 05, 2014 | with 4 comments | Tagged as: Christians, Liberals, N&O

Why Blondie Loves America (2007)

July 3,'14:  Christmas has "Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus".   If 3-4 years starts a similar trend, then "Why Blondie Loves America" is our annual Official 4th Of July column.  

Blondie is (1) Mrs BobLee and (2) proud mother of "Kid" and (3) the fire-breathingest, flag wavingest gal that ever "shot the bird" at Obama when his slimey lyin' mug pops up on TV.  FWIW.... you don't want to know what she thinks about MoochelleMyBelle.

Here's how all this got started per Blondie herownself......  My friend, Jerry Agar wanted to do a segment on his old NY show back in 2007, Why I Love America, and asked me to contribute to the list. Here is what he used on his show.  Happy Independence Day!! 

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Posted: July 03, 2014 | with 3 comments

ByBy Bully: Thanks for the memories

June 24,’14:  Dagnabit, I’m gonna miss Bully Barber and his Monday Hoot’n Haters.   Whatever will we have to look forward to each Monday until “24” comes on at 9:00 PM?

Yep, Hoot ‘n Hate 2014 is done – fini - kaput.  Stick a fork in it.  Take down the circus tent and load the animals into their cages (aka “ rusty VW mini-buses”).   The 2014 “short session” of the NC General Assembly is drawing to a close..... and with it even any pretend purpose for Rev William “Bully” Barber’s weekly shenanigans.

As the June breezes scatter Bully’s last pulpit-pounding rage thru downtown Raleigh, we are left with but fading memories.

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Posted: June 24, 2014 | with 7 comments | Tagged as: Barber, GeneralAssembly, Liberals
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