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I was not there (in Ferguson). Were you?

Nov 25,’14:  I HAVE actually been to St Louis, probably more often than most of you.  But I’ve never been to its suburb of Ferguson.  I certainly was not there on the night of the Michael Brown incident.   Were you?

Apparently I am THE ONLY ONE who wasn’t an eyewitness to exactly what happened.   Every race baitin’ yahoo and every sniffling media weasel was there apparently.  All the same yahoos and weasels who were in Orlando for Trayvon apparently.  I wasn’t there either.  How do these folks manage to be on-hand for these things.... and always know EXACTLY what happened?  Like Forrest Gump was, I guess.
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Posted: November 25, 2014 | with 3 comments

WWKCD - "Miss Kitty" vs UNC's Sugar Babes

Nov 21,’14:  Dean Katherine “Kitty” Carmichael was bigger than life to UNC students back in The 60s.   She was The Church Lady long before there was Saturday Night Live.   “Kitty” was Dean of Women at UNCCH in the halcyon days of the 60-70s.   I never met her; but I think I would have liked Kitty Carmichael A LOT.

In 1968 Miss Kitty headed a Blue Ribbon Committee to study Visitation – Rules Governing Coeds Visiting In Men’s Dorms.   One rule involved “must keep the dorm room door open wide enough to insert a matchbook”.   A matchbook?  Its 2014, No need for matches because UNC doesn’t allow smoking on campus.  Today we learn that.....

Over 300 Carolina Girls are whoring out as “Sugar Babes” to dirty old men (DOMs) to cover the costs of “going to college”.  Oh My!
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Posted: November 21, 2014 | with 11 comments

UNC's Mess and The Beige Plate Theory

Nov 16,’14:  I try to leave that never-ending academic trainwreck over at Chapel Hill to BobLee.   I specialize in really important crap like using BullyBarber and RobRielleWHO as my personal human piñatas.  BobLee and I debate who has the most inexhaustible fount of material to choose from.  Neither of us is complaining mind you.  

But that UNC Trainwreck is starting to seep over into Real World Issues.   YIKES!  

Could my “Beige Plate” Theory be The Key to untying UNC's Gordian Knot?
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Posted: November 16, 2014 | with 3 comments

Absolutely NO Democrat was responsible

Nov 11,’14:  In a rare convergence of partisan agreement, every itty bitty sub-group in that Glorious Big Tent of the Democrat Party has officially and adamantly declared:  “We (insert name of weirdo sub-group) are NOT responsible for the Historic Not An Indictment Of Obama Humiliating Butt-Whupping that Democrats took last Tuesday”. ..... “no way, no how were “we ______” responsible at all.”

This includes but not limited to.... the blacks, the gays, the gay blacks, the muslims, the gay black muslims, the femi-nazis, the gay, black femi-nazis, the aborted gay black femi-nazis, the illegals, the gay Hispanic illegals, the Barber mini-mobs, the lesbian ministers in the Barber mini-mobs, the smelly hippies, the journo-weasels, the gay, black journo-weasels, the tenured gay, black muslim academics, plus all living relatives of Jim Hunt and/or Jim Goodmon.   NONE of the above were in any way “at fault” for the embarrassing debacle.... or so “they” say.  

That leaves only one responsible party.... all the thousands of duly-registered voters who adamantly rejected The Democratic candidates (and their faux-messiah).  Damn all those pesky duly-registered voters.
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Posted: November 12, 2014 | with 5 comments

Hagan Coulda Used "a Logistics Expert"

Nov 5,’14:  On a historic night when The Magnificent Seven (Plus) new Republican Senators Kicked Barack Obama Butt there were so many highlights.  The night started out great and just kept getting Betterer and Betterer with the highlight coming just before midnight.  We switched over from FoxNews to WRAL for that special moment.....

Two of Jim Goodmon’s WRAL dumpster-diving stooges – David “Crabby” Crabtree and “Goodmonette Diva” Laura Leslie were distraught..... almost in tears.   “Crabby” and Laura had done all they could do to demonize Thom Tillis for the past two years.  Lies, distortions and more lies and distortions day after day all backed by Jim Goodmon’s Limo Liberal bucks; but in the end:

...... there was no “Logistics Expert” Peter Anlyan to save Kay Hagan.  Peter Who ???
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Posted: November 05, 2014 | with 10 comments

Voter Fraud is OK because....

Nov 3,’14:  Since “early voting” kicked-in a few weeks, I’ve been reading a non-stop litany of Democrat scoundrels committing all manner of VOTER FRAUD and ballot-stuffing and assorting Election-porn.  All of which is being documented on video, et al.  I’m SHOCKED.... SHOCKED I say!  NOT! 

WTF.... why does this SHOCK anyone?  What’s next?  Water Determined To Be Wet and It’s Hot In Phoenix In August (but its dry heat)?..... It's who they are.  It's what they do!  If these weasels had integritry they couldn't be liberals.

Liberal Democrats see Elections like.....
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Posted: November 03, 2014 | with 0 comments
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