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UNC-CH Loonies on Warpath Again!

Feb 27,’15:   To the surprise of absolutely no one, Gene “Hair on Fire” Nichol dispatched a platoon of his brain dead, self-righteous disciples to rant, rage, jump around and screech at Friday’s UNC Board of Governors meeting in Charlotte.

Our earlier comment on this silliness was when a UNC BOG Special Committee recommended Gene’s little Poverty Center (wink, wink) be zapped.   Today the committee’s recommendation was acted upon and approved by the full board.   Gene’s Scheme was kyboshed.  Gene's Gang went into full SCREEECH MODE!   Lordy Lordy....
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Posted: February 28, 2015 | with 6 comments

I Am Rudy.... I Am Rudy..... I Am Rudy.

Feb 23,’15:  The classic scene from the movie Spartacus.   The Romans had captured Spartacus' Slave Army .   The rebellious gladiator and his followers were impounded.  The Romans ordered “the one called Spartacus” to identify himself.   His public execution would break the spirit of his followers.

Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) rose to identify himself “I’m Spartacus” – his 2nd in command, Antoninus (Tony Curtis) immediately leapt to his feet – “No, I Am Spartacus”.  A 3rd man rose – “I Am Spartacus”..... a 4th..... a 5th; and quickly the 1,000s of followers were in unison proclaiming – “I Am Spartacus”.   The spirit against Roman tyranny was undefeated.... The Fall of The Roman Empire was inevitable.

Today I rise to proclaim – “I Am Rudy (Giuliani)”.   Standing with the embattled former Mayor of New York to declare my resistance to the anti-American tyranny of the Obama Administration?
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Posted: February 23, 2015 | with 9 comments

Take THAT You Fatuous Windbag!

Feb 18,’15:  The Purge Continues..... The much-maligned and oft-beleaguered UNC Board of Governors has “purged” (sort of) another radical left-wing element of the much-maligned and oft-beleaguered Flagship campus of its 16 campus kingdom. ..... The target this time is Gene Nichol’s personal cash cow a/k/a the quite infamous Gene & John (Edwards) Center for Poverty Work & Opportunity / Gene’s Bully Pulpit.   

Can we expect another whizbang press conference where BOG Chair "Big Bad John" Fennebresque blurts out “Take THAT You Fatuous Windbag”?   One can only hope.
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Posted: February 18, 2015 | with 8 comments

Is Bully Barber Done?

Feb 15,’15:  Can we “Stick a fork in" Reverend William "Bully" Barber?  Is he “done”?

On a Saturday afternoon under 50 degree sunny skies, “Bully” held his annual Super Enormous Colossal Hoot ‘n Hate on Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street..... Not enough hooting haters showed up to officially call it “a crowd”.  It was “a buncha” at best.

You know it was “a dud” when Bully himself said (paraphrasing)..... it doesn’t matter (that hardly anyone showed up).  I’m still as relevant as I ever was.....   Can’t argue with that.
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Posted: February 15, 2015 | with 6 comments

UNC BOG ..... Now What?

Feb 2,’15:  Upon watching John Fennebresque’s recent trainwreck press conference, Bill Clinton exclaimed “THAT is the definition of “is”!” ..... Even Bozo Joe Biden noted “OMG, that was painful.”  “Joe knows” painful press conferences.

As Pete Carroll’s Seahawks must somehow “go on” following their recent unexplainable actions, the UNC System must too “go on” following whatever it was that their Chairman, recently did to / with / about their pouting Lame Duck President Tom Ross.   The UNC BOG is in dire need of solid common-sense direction.   Here’s what I offer.....
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Posted: February 02, 2015 | with 11 comments

The Next UNC System Prez Will Be _______ !

Jan 16,’15:  Some folks think the aroma of fresh Krispy Kremes is “divine”.   My personal definition of “Dee-vine” is the sound of liberals heads exploding from sheer unmitigated consternation / constipation.

Today we learned that UNC Board of Governors Prez Tom Ross is now UNC BOG “Lame Duck” Prez.   No surprise at all.  Ross’ ouster has been “in the works” for at least a year.   Giving him a year to gum up the works is troubling but .....

Can I be the first to formally predict The Next UNC System Grand Poobah will be:
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Posted: January 16, 2015 | with 6 comments
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